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Step 1: Harness Millennial Power

On July 4, 2007 launched the Democracy 2.0 Campaign, a project to call attention to the ways that our democratic process and institutions were both serving and failing to serve the interests of people in our country, specifically members of the Millennial Generation.  These failures, as well as proposed solutions were condensed in a document called the Democracy 2.0 Declaration. This Declaration is a living document, chronicling the barriers to meaningful and long-lasting engagement facing our generation, written by our generation. It reads: “We, the Millennial Generation, are uniquely positioned to call attention to today’s issues and shape the future based on the great legacy we have inherited. We realize that as young people we are expected to be the leaders of tomorrow, but we understand that as citizens we are called to be the leaders of today.”


The team is proud to work for and with this powerful generation; the Millennials. was founded on the belief that Millennials (born between 1976 – 1996) are uniquely positioned to solve our greatest problems. This generation is collaborative, diverse, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial, innovative and we are the leaders of our communities and this Democracy. 


In a recent Pew Research Center poll, Millennial respondents were asked to reflect on a life well lived and answer how they would define a successful life. To the surprise of many, the top three responses were Being A Good Parent (52%) and Have A Successful Marriage (30%) and Helping Others  In Need (21%). These statistics underscore what has found within our network, there is a great sense of optimism and hope within this generation and a drive to help others and improve our communities. Millennials are viewing their impact on their communities and campus has changed; and it is clear that we are calling for  more systemic, inclusive and innovative change than ever before. And perhaps most importantly, we believe that we can do it.


The reality is that reality looks different for this powerful generation. Traditional barriers are being broken down through social media. Problems are being solved, collaboratively, by people who have never met one another face to face and the future of our Democracy is in the hands of a generation who believes there is an inextricable link between their communities, and our collective future. is proud to work with and for the Millennial Generation and we invite you to join the movement. 

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