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History of Project Mobilize

Project Mobilize is a volunteer-led action network of changemakers, built on the legacy of the nonprofit that sunset in January 2015.



For a dozen years, provided tools and resources to Millennials to create and implement solutions to our country’s most pressing social problems. Through online and in-person training and conferences, thousands of young people were empowered and given the resources necessary to turn their ideas into movements that had a lasting impact on their communities. These changemakers leveraged the tools provided by to positively affect change including city and state government, business and legal communities, as well as academia, often partnering with or launching their own local and national nonprofit organizations.’s legacy includes hosting 16 conferences, engaging over 25,000 young people and funding nearly 70 youth-led projects and ventures across the country.



The 2016 election cycle – one of divisive rhetoric and polarizing public opinion – spurred a resurgence of social activism and desire for meaningful civic engagement by Millennials. It was powerful and intense, but overwhelming. A small group of Mobilize alumni recognized the need for a network of peer changemakers similar to to harness and empower this next generation of changemakers – and so, Project Mobilize was (re)born.  



Today, Project Mobilize is a network of leaders working to create change both within the current systems and organizations that already exist as well as investing in new ideas on the local, state and national level that will break through the stagnate and partisan rhetoric in order to create a more unified, inclusive and forward-thinking nation. Join us by signing our pledge, taking our survey or hosting a Millennial Meetup!

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